One-Letter Words

A list of words of one letter length


This is a list of words which consist solely of one letter. We do not consider substandard abbreviations ("SMS abbreviations") or interjections (such as "A!"). As a rule of thumb, any word that could be found in a newspaper is fair game.

Please contact me if you want to add a word or if you can provide a missing example sentence, which is much appreciated.

Latin Alphabet

Word Meaning Example
a, Czech and Vojna a mír: War and peace
a, Danish prep., of, at, to Note: commonly written as à
a, Danish v., imperative of ae, to pet
a, English indef. art. I am a man.
a, French v., 3rd pers. sg. of avoir, to have Il a une voiture: He has a car
a, Hungarian def. art. Éjszaka a múzeumban: Night at the museum
a, Italian prep., to, at, in Andiamo a Roma: Let's go to Rome
a, Polish and
a, Portuguese fem. def. art. A mulher de preto: The woman in black
a, Portuguese prep., to, at
a, Romanian fem. sg. pos. art. O prietenă de a mea: A friend of mine
a, Romanian marker for inf. verbs A fi sau a nu fi: To be or not to be
a, Romanian 3rd pers. sg. of modal aux. v. avea
a, Serbo-Croatian and, but
a, Slovak and
a, Slovene but
a, Spanish prep., to, by, at Yo veo a un hombre: I see a man
à, Dutch prep., per, at, borrowed from French 5 stuks à € 10,-: 5 pieces at €10 each
à, French prep., to, at, per Je vais à Londres: I'm going to London
à, German See Dutch.
à, Swedish See Dutch.
á, Faroese n., brook, stream, river
á, Faroese prep., on, in, at
á, Icelandic n., river Thames er helsta á Suður-Englands: Thames is the main river of South England.
á, Icelandic n., ind. acc. sg. of ær, female sheep
á, Icelandic v., 1st and 3rd pers. sg. of eiga, to own Ég á líf: I'm alive
á, Icelandic prep., on, in Ég bý á Íslandi: I live in Iceland.
å, Danish n., small river, creek
å, Norwegian part., inf. marker Å være eller ikke være: To be or not to be
å, Swedish n., river, creek
å, Swedish prep., used in certain expressions as on å andra sidan: on the other hand
æ, Icelandic adv., always, forever
e, Hungarian determiner, this
e, Italian and Guerra e pace: War and peace
e, Portuguese and Guerra e paz: War and peace
e, Spanish and, when preceding the vowel /i/ Francés e inglés: French and English
è, Italian v., 3rd pers. sg. of essere, to be New York è una città: New York is a city
é, Portuguese v., 3rd pers. sg. of ser, to be Nova York é uma cidade: New York is a city
i, Czech conj., and, even, both i ty: Me and you both
i, Danish prep., in, inside Sport i Texas: Sports in Texas
I, Danish 2nd pers. pl.
I, English 1st pers. sg. I think, therefore I am
i, Italian m. pl. def. art. I giorni più belli: The most beautiful days
i, Norwegian prep., in, inside Sport i Texas: Sports in Texas
i, Polish and Wojna i pokój: War and peace
i, Serbo-Croatian conj., and, even Rat i mir: War and peace
i, Slovak and
i, Swedish prep., in, to Sport i Texas: Sports in Texas
í, Faroese prep., in, into
í, Icelandic prep., in, for Íshokkí er vaxandi íþrótt í Ungverjalandi: Ice hockey is a growing sport in Hungary
k, Czech prep., to, towards Běžel k domu: He ran towards the house
k, Serbo-Croatian prep., to, towards
o, Czech prep., about, for, on Kniha o tobě: A book about you, O pět let dříve: Five years later
o, Italian or Essere o non essere: To be or not to be
o, Lithuanian conj., and
o, Polish prep., about, at, for Musimy porozmawiać o Kevinie: We need to talk about Kevin
o, Portuguese m. def. art. o ditador: the dictator
o, Portuguese pron., him, it as dir. obj.
o, Romanian indef. art. o carte: a book
o, Romanian pron., 3rd p. acc. f. unstressed
o, Serbo-Croatian prep., on, about
o, Slovene prep., about
o, Spanish or Ser o no ser: To be or not to be
o, Turkish pron., 3rd p., he, she, it
o, Turkish dem. pron., that O gece: That night
ö, Swedish n., island Jag är en ö: I am an island
ø, Danish n., island Pitcairn er en britisk ø: Pitcairn is a British island
ő, Hungarian pron., 3rd p. sg.
s, Czech with S tebou: With you
u, Afrikaans pron., 2nd p. sg. formal U het u woorde vervul: You fulfilled your words
u, Czech prep., at, by U moře: At the sea
u, Dutch pron., 2nd p. sg. formal Bent u tevreden?: Are you happy?
u, Polish prep., at U kresu dnia: At the end of the day
u, Serbo-Croatian prep., in, at, to Život u gradu: Life in the city
u, Spanish or, when preceding the vowel /o/ Con mis padres u otros: With my parents or others
v, Czech prep., in, on, for V krabici: Inside a box, V pondělí: On Monday
v, Slovene prep., in, into Življenje v Evropi: Living in Europe
w, Polish Noc w muzeum: Night at the museum
y, French pron., there, to that Nous y sommes: We are there
y, Spanish conj., and Guerra y paz: War and peace
z, Czech prep., from Z domu: From a house
z, Polish prep., from, at Jestem z Polski: I am from Poland
z, Polish prep., with Z tobą: With you
z, Slovak prep., from
z, Slovene prep., with

Cyrillic Alphabet

Word Meaning Example
а, Bulgarian conj., but, and
а, Macedonian See Bulgarian
а, Russian conj., but, and
а, Serbo-Croatian conj., but, and
а, Ukrainian conj., and, but
в, Bulgarian prep., in, at
в, Russian prep., in, at Спорт в Техасе: Sports in Texas
в, Ukrainian
е, Bulgarian v., 3rd p. sg. of съм, to be
е, Bulgarian particle for emphasis/questions
е, Macedonian v., 3rd p. sg. of сум, to be
є, Ukrainian v., pres. ind. of бути, to be Життя як воно є: Life as it is
ж, Russian part., after all, very Что ж!: Well then!
ж, Ukrainian
з, Belarusian prep., with, since
з, Ukrainian prep., with, from Кімната з виглядом: A room with a view
и, Russian conj., and, even Война и мир: War and peace
і, Ukrainian conj., and, even Війна і мир: War and peace
й, Ukrainian conj., and (after vowels) Україна й Англія: Ukraine and England
к, Russian
о, Russian prep., about, against Я читал о нём: I've read about him
о, Serbo-Croatian prep., about, against
с, Bulgarian prep., with Стая с изглед: A room with a view
с, Russian prep., with, from Комната с видом: A room with a view
у, Belarusian prep., in У тумане: In the fog
у, Russian prep., at, by
у, Serbo-Croatian prep., at, in
у, Ukrainian
ў, Belarusian prep., in (after vowels) Аліса ў краіне цудаў: Alice in Wonderland
я, Russian 1st pers. pron. Я знаю, куда я иду: I know where I'm going
я, Ukrainian 1st pers. pron. Люба, я зменшив дітей: Honey, I shrunk the kids

Hebrew alphabet

Word Meaning Example
אַ, Yiddish indef. art.

Greek Alphabet

Word Meaning Example
ε, Greek interj. indicating a wish
η, Greek f. def. art. H Πολυκατοικία: The Block of Flats
ή, Greek conj., or Να ζει κανείς ή να μη ζει: To be or not to be
ο, Greek m. def. art. Ο Μαγικός Αυλός: The Magic Flute