Chinese Number Converter

Convert Arabic numerals (0-9) into valid Chinese numbers.

Convert Number

Please enter the number you wish to convert into Chinese.

Entering Your Input

  • Numbers may be positive or negative. E.g.: +15, -12, 3.76 will all work.
  • The Chinese + symbol (正) will only be added if you add a plus (+) in front of your number.
  • Decimal numbers are accepted. Thus, numbers like 17.23, -0.5, +999.99 or 12,65 are accepted.
  • Currently, only numbers between 100,000,000 and -100,000,000 are accepted.

Rules for Writing Chinese Numbers

Chinese numbers have symbols for 0-9, followed by 10, 100 and 1000 (and so forth).
They never have consecutive zeros, e.g. 2002 is never written like 二千零零二 ([2][1000][0][0][2]), but as 二千零二 ([2][1000][0][2]).
Ending zeros are also omitted (2000 = 二千 (= [2][1000] and not [2][1000][0])).

Thanks to ilovelctr (Timmy) for the information! (谢谢!)


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