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Videos about the game Tomb Raider 3, covering all 60 secrets!


This page contains my videos to Tomb Raider 3. The game technically has 60 secrets, even though the game itself lists 59 secrets. This is because of the South Pacific level Coastal Village, in which you have two possible ways to complete the level. However, it is possible to do both, thus getting 4 out of 3 secrets.
If you find all of the secrets, you get access to a bonus level called All Hallows. Once you complete that level, you have the possibility to play the game with unlimited ammo again (although there are some bugs in that mode).


Tomb Raider 3 India Secrets

The game starts with the four India levels.

Tomb Raider 3 Nevada Secrets

The Nevada levels have 8 secrets in total.
Nevada Desert: High Security Compound: Area 51:

Tomb Raider 3 South Pacific Secrets

There are 11 secrets. Note: On the first level Coastal Village, the inventory says there are 3 secrets but technically there are four. See note in secret #2.
Coastal Village: Crash Site: Madubu Gorge: Temple Of Puna:
South Pacific

Tomb Raider 3 London Secrets

The four London level have 17 secrets.

Tomb Raider 3 Antarctica Secrets

The first three levels have 3 secrets each, the last one doesn't have any.
Antarctica: RX-Tech Mines: Lost City Of Tinnos: Meteorite Cavern:
- No secrets

Tomb Raider 3 Walkthroughs

Some individual levels as a whole walkthrough.
Jungle: Coastal Village: Nevada Desert: High Security Compound:
Coastal Village

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