Upgrading Instructions

Upgrading instructions for UTF-8 CuteNews

To switch to UTF-8 CuteNews without losing your data, follow the upgrading instructions below.
The instructions below are for upgrading from CuteNews 1.4.x, 1.3.x or from a UTF-8 CuteNews version prior to v9.0.

Upgrading Instructions

  1. Download your current /data/ folder from the CuteNews installation you are currently using, so that you can keep all of your data (news, comments, etc.).
  2. Download the UTF-8 CuteNews 9 .zip file from this website and extract it.
  3. Upload all UTF-8 CuteNews 9 files.
  4. Overwrite the data folder with the one you've downloaded from your previous installation.
  5. Upload the following files from the UTF-8 CuteNews 9 zip: /data/log.db.php and /data/captcha.php or create them manually.
  6. If you are upgrading from an older version than UTF-8 CuteNews 8 or CuteNews 1.4.x: upload /data/english.clf.
  7. If you are upgrading from an older version than UTF-8 CuteNews 7 (e.g. UTF-8 CN 4, CuteNews 1.4.6, CuteNews 1.3.2), follow the steps below:
    1. Create the file /data/loginban.db.php
    2. Log in, go to Options > System Configurations and enter a number for "Login Attempts" and press the Save Changes button.

UTF-8 CuteNews v9.0 to v9.0.1

Only three files are affected for the update from v9.0 to v9.0.1. You can download them here (.zip file, 24 KB).
Overwrite editnews.mdu, functions.inc.php and lang.mdu in your /inc/ folder with the ones in the .zip file. That's it!

RSS Problems

NB: This is an old problem which has been fixed a year and a half ago.

News articles saved from UTF-8 CuteNews versions prior to version 7 could contain non-numeric HTML entities (e.g. ä, as opposed to ä), which are not supported in the RSS feed. In order to fix this, re-submit the last 10 (or more if necessary) news articles, even if all characters are displayed properly.

UTF-8 CuteNews does not automatically repair characters which have been falsely saved by CuteNews 1.4.x or 1.3.x prior to the upgrade. In order to ensure that everything is displayed correctly, review your articles in the Edit News module and re-submit the articles upon editing characters which are not displayed correctly.

If you have been using UTF-8 CuteNews and are sure that all articles have been saved via UTF-8 CuteNews, you can run a file that will turn all non-numeric HTML entities into numeric ones, which is located here (3KB .zip - instructions are included in the .zip file).

Please do not hesitate to send a message if something is unclear, I will gladly help you.