Languages in UTF-8 CuteNews

Managing multiple languages in UTF-8 CuteNews

As of UTF-8 CuteNews 8 you are able to show public messages (i.e. everything outside of the administration panel) in custom languages.
The administration panel still is in English by default and not translatable, because it is a lot of work and would increase the file size of UTF-8 CuteNews a lot.

1. Setting Up Languages

In your administration panel, under Options > Languages, click on the add new language link and specify the new language file name. For technical reasons, characters outside of a-z are not accepted.

Language admin

2. Integrating

After having translated the messages, you are now ready to have the standard CuteNews messages in your own language. In your include code (the PHP code pointing to show_news.php which you use on another page to show CuteNews), you can now add the $lang parameter:

$lang 'deutsch';

... deutsch being the language file (/data/deutsch.clf) for which UTF-8 CuteNews will look. $lang is case-sensitive.

By default (if $lang is not specified or invalid), UTF-8 CuteNews will take all messages from the English language file (/data/english.clf). The $lang parameter is recognized in show_news.php, show_archives.php and search.php. Furthermore, you can also specify the default language in index.php and register.php by opening those files and adding the $lang variable below the first line.

Tip: If you do not want to use multiple languages, you can also translate all messages in the language file 'english'. Like this, the messages will default in your language and you will never have to worry about using $lang.

3. About

The language files are saved in the /data/ folder and have the file extension clf (CuteNews Language File).
Language Download Author Remarks
Deutsch (German) (lKj) Swiss grammar – the symbol ß is never used
Español (Spanish) Drake
Français (French) (lKj)
Italiano (Italian) Fulvio
Nederlands (Dutch) René Lapoutre
Norsk (Norwegian) Martin Rotmo
Português (Portuguese, BR) Sammu Portuguese (Brazil)
Português (Portuguese, PT) Sammu Portuguese (Portugal)
Srpski (Serbian) Saptac (Srđan) Latin alphabet
Suomi (Finnish) Oboy
Adding the languages: Extract the CLF file from the downloaded .zip, upload the file into CuteNews' /data/ folder and it's ready to use!

Your language If you have translated these messages into a language which isn't listed above, please submit it (credit will be given).

Disagree? Did you find something you would have translated differently? If so, please let me know.

Dates Unfortunately, dates (e.g. "5th September 2009") cannot be translated in UTF-8 CuteNews 8. Date translations were planned, however due to technical difficulties (locale names varying from server type to server type & character encoding issues), the feature was omitted in the release of UTF-8 CuteNews.