Image Captcha for UTF-8 CuteNews

How to add an anti-spam feature in UTF-8 CuteNews 9

To enable the image captcha in UTF-8 CuteNews 9, you will have to download an additional folder.
Download (33 KB)

Extract the .zip and upload the /captcha/ folder to your UTF-8 CuteNews folder. All other instructions can be found in your administration panel under Options > Additional Features & Settings > Manage Spam Protection or below.


These instructions can be found in your administration panel.
  1. Download the /captcha/ folder from above.
  2. Extract the .zip file and upload the /captcha/ folder in your UTF-8 CuteNews folder. (e.g. /cutenews/captcha/).
  3. In every page in which you include CuteNews, add the following code at the very top (nothing may be before this!):
    You might have to change the path so that it looks for the file at the right place.
  4. Add the {captcha-img} tag to the Add Comments Form in your templates. This will show the captcha image and text field.
  5. Test the comments to see if it works.

Additional Notes

This hack was originally written by FI-DD.
This captcha requires GD support, which not all servers have. UTF-8 CuteNews should tell you in "Manage Spam Protection" whether it is installed or not.