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Introduction and news

I use this website to share some PHP scripts I've done, such as a sudoku solver, a base converter that supports decimals or a page that tells you your age in days. I share some of my pictures, too, and am starting to add language-related content.

The server time is Jul 18 2024, 07:12 (GMT +0200). Current week number is week 29.
This year still has 167 days to go (199 elapsed).

July 2023

June 2023

  • Added Spanish and Dutch to the days calculator. It's machine-translated—corrections are welcome! (2023-06-29)

January 2023

  • Changing input mode on Kakuro combinations slightly changes the URL so it can be bookmarked in the chosen input mode. (2023-01-14)

December 2022

  • Added a pattern input for Kakuro combinations that also allows to see all permutations. (2022-12-22)
  • Kakuro combinations: Added option to filter possibilities by required numbers. (2022-12-22)
  • Fixed misspelling of a month in the days counter in French. Thanks to a report by anonymous in June. (2022-12-21)

January 2022

  • Slight rework of the About page. Removed links to comics that only serve content via Tinyview, which has a terrible UX experience. (2022-01-31)
  • Added Danish 'I' to one-letter words and a clarification about Danish 'a'. Thanks, Ole! (2022-01-30)

July 2021

June 2021

  • Many more corrections to Blake Stone Maps by Jakub (MadJak91) added for missions 5 and 6. Thanks! (2021-06-29)
  • Added many corrections submitted by Jakub (MadJak91) to Blake Stone Maps for Missions 1 through 4. Many thanks! (2021-06-23)

November 2020

October 2020

August 2020

  • Updated folder indexer to allow to show only certain file types (by request). (2020-08-04)
  • One letter words: Add entry for Polish "z", meaning 'with'. Thanks, Erik! (2020-08-03)

May 2020

April 2020

February 2020

  • Age in days: fixed age expressed as 'years and days' to be correct if the birthday is a leap day. (2020-02-29)
  • Fixed today's leap day being counted in twice in the days calculator. Thanks to anonymous. (2020-02-29)
  • Fixed 2020 bug in days calculator counting one day too many in the year as decimal age. Thanks Tina! (2020-02-01)

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