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I use this website to share some PHP scripts I've done, such as a sudoku solver, a PHP shoutbox for webmasters or a page that tells you your age in days. I share some of my pictures, too, and am starting to add language-related content.

The server time is May 23 2018, 14:22 (GMT +0200). Current week number is week 21.
This year still has 223 days to go (142 elapsed).

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November 2017

  • Days calculator: Fix bug where adjusting date to previous day was not accepted. (Nov 19 2017)

June 2017

May 2017

  • Fix broken font when page is viewed in HTTPS. (May 21 2017)

January 2017

December 2016

September 2016

July 2016

  • Add strand and schrift to list of German/Dutch article differences. (Jul 30 2016)
  • Increase precision of decimals in base converter and fix exception being thrown in a corner case. (Jul 30 2016)
  • Fix exception being thrown in days counter when current date is entered with adjustment +1. (Jul 30 2016)
  • Base converter: fix custom non-ASCII characters producing wrong results. (Jul 30 2016)
  • Base converter: fix valid numbers being rejected when custom digits are used. (Jul 30 2016)

June 2016

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March 2016

  • Days counter: fix French typos and date formatting (thanks yux and Morgan). (Mar 28 2016)

January 2016

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